Posted by: Bob McMichael | March 12, 2010

The Cold to End All Colds

Beautiful Virus

Viruses are beautiful

Just a quick note to document the continued health and safety of the H2N2.8 virus mooching off and making a mockery of my so-called immune system. Today is Day 21. I’m hoping that paying homage to its beauty, will to live, and cleverness in doing so will satisfy its apparently unquenchable ego and make it flush itself down my digestive system and into the toilet. Until the next one comes along.

Some mental relief has come to me in learning that dogs can’t catch our colds. At least I read that on the Internet, so it must be true. Only chimps and humans, according to some scientist, can get the common cold virus. I hate that expression: when you have a cold, there’s nothing even remotely common about it. Anyway, during the first fourteen days or so I was a little worried about passing the disease to my pups.

Healthy Mutts

Healthy Brittanys

They seem to have come through it fine, unlike my wife, to whom I no doubt passed the germ. She’s much tougher than I am, though, and I think nagged the damned thing to leave her alone after a week or ten days.

I know, really, that I have no power over this thing. It, like the devil, will leave when it pleases. But not after getting what it wants, which seems to be the complete transformation of me from an energetic, virile 19-year-old into a washed up, flabby old man resembling a chimp.

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