Posted by: Bob McMichael | May 9, 2010



An iris for the ages

Spring was finally warm today, and not terribly windy. A calm to savor. A calm following the storm of unknown location. Homeweird bound. Homeless hound. Prepping the pad for potential buyers, yanking dandelions (spawning my new band: Broadleaf Bob and the Dandy Lions), patching dog-dug dirt holes with store-bought grass seed: all for naught as we pulled the house off the market. But not for naught, now that everything is coming up lavender, kinnickkinnick, heather, begonia, grape, chives, columbine, snowball, rhododendron, deodara cedar, and what have you. It’s good to be home, in the mind and body, and we’re glad – at least for a while yet – we’re staying home. Come visit.

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