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  1. hey Bob
    i stumbled across your site and am thinking about installing the lift kit and new wheels on my 2002 Eurovan

    have you had any problems with alignment?
    would you recommend it?

    any advice is appreciated


    • Thanks for your comment. I recommend alignment from an alignment specialist – Les Schwab was hopelessly incompetent, and so were all other chains; the only shop that dialed it in was an independent alignment specialist. Best of luck.

  2. Bob –

    I was googling Eurovan stuff and your site popped up on the hit list. After reading your Eurovan adventures, I have a question. Looking at purchasing a Eurovan and was wondering if you’ve noticed any rust issues. I’m looking at a 2002 with about 65K which spent the first 2/3 of it’s life on the east coast with a trace of rust on the under carriage. The other one I’m looking at is a 2003 with about 85K and full time California car.


    • Mine came from Pennsylvania and had minute rust, nothing worth mentioning. That said, for me it would be a no-brainer to go with the California car despite the mileage difference and all other things being equal, just because of the model year. Good luck!

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