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  1. Bob…great you-tubes and blog Just read your article in Grays Sporting Journal, that is what lead me to view your post. Great job, enjoy all the you-tubes. Fred Haines, Taneytown,Maryland.

    • Thanks very much, Fred. I appreciate the kind words!

      • Bob, ’95 EVC owner here. I’m hoping you can help me with what I think is a pretty simple question – do I need electric (shoreline or coach battery) to run my propane furnace? I may be camping in the deep cold where there are no hookups and my coach battery is iffy, at best…

      • Well, you’ll need a decent charge on your coach battery to run the furnace’s blower (which is required for the propane to burn), or else you’d need shore power. If your coach battery is “iffy,” I’d replace it. I’ve had good luck in the past with pretty inexpensive Group 27 batteries from Wal Mart. Obviously, if you’re staying put for a while, you’d probably want to run the engine to recharge the coach battery, but a fully charged coach battery should run the furnace fan and lights for a day or two. Hope this helps.

      • Hi Bob,
        I have some New Old Stock of the Asolo TPS Military Boot you blogged about US 11.5 (x3) and 12.5 (x2). I don’t know if that is any use to you but thought I would reach out just in case.

      • Hi, thanks for reaching out. I wish my feet were that big! I’m an 8.5… I appreciate it, though.

  2. Interesting to read about the rusty tank and broken antenna, exactly what’s wrong with my 97 VW Eurovan.
    I’ve decided to remove the tank and replace it with a standard connection , to be placed in the battery compartment.It will come out much cheaper and handier since there are not many filling stations for propane around.
    By the way; the mechanic who is going to fix the system for me needs to know the bar pressure used in the system. i have scanned the car manual but cannot find any specs referring to pressure.

    Apart from these defects the van is absolutely smashing; V6, automatic imported from th US by the previous owner.

    Good luck with your second home,sweet home.

    Greetings from Oslo(!)

  3. Bob:

    I moved to Moscow, Idaho in 1972 to attend grad school at the U of I. I had hunted upland birds in California most all my life so upon arriving in Idaho I started looking for some hills to walk. During the next 4 years I hunted grouse, pheasant, quail and chuckar around the Moscow area. Elsa, my Waimaraner, and I enjoyed it all but is was chuckar hunting that really got us going. We hiked many a mile up and down the Clearwater Breaks. Since I was/am a marginal wing shot we often came back with only a bird or two but that was enough to make our days. After finishing school I returned to California to teach at a small state university which I did for 30 years. I now live in Tucson, AZ and have traded the Sweet 16 for a Nikon DSLR but have never forgotten the sweet times in the field with Elsa. Thanks for the great chuckar videos….you bring a tear to an old man’s eye.

    Jerry Allen

    • Thanks, Jerry. I appreciate your nice words.

  4. Dear sir,

    our family is being hunting partridges in Cyprus for many years.
    My father owned different hunting dogs, such as English pointers, munsterlanders, springer spaniel etc.
    i am interested in buying a Brittany for hunting. i am not familiar with this breed but from the reviews i understood that with some good training this is what i am looking for.
    i have one question because is not clearly answered on the internet and i cannot find any one to ask.
    is there a difference between Brittany, Brittany Spaniel and French Brittany?
    or all this 3 are the same breed. I got a bit confused.
    one last question: Do you know any trustful breeder in the UK or Europe that they are specialized on Brittany so i can place an order.

    i hope that you will get my mail and you will be able to help.

    thank you in advance and have a great day!

    kind regards,

    Papadopoulos Haris

    • Thank you for your comments! Brittany breeds differ in the U.S. mainly between “French” and “American” Brittanys. French are smaller. Our dog Peat is about the size of a French Brittany, but he’s an American Brittany. Angus is an American Brittany. You can find lots of information about these great dogs on the web. Try Wikipedia ( or the AKC site ( As for breeders in UK or Europe, I don’t know any, but you can probably find them on the web as well. Good luck! Please let me know if you get a puppy. I’d love to see some of your hunting photos from Cyprus!

      • Another message from me!! So disappointed with the breeders in UK. I have contacted the UK Kennel club and they have send me some contacts. I came to a conclusion that in UK they just breed Brittanies with black nose. I am looking for an orange white color puppy and with light brown to pink nose. The answer i got surprised me. Such a color for nose is classified as FAULT.They only breed with black nose. I started looking in other countries like Belgium and France but i hardly get any info. So, here it comes one question again. What do you think about black nose Brittanies? I am not really a fun of the idea but i am just asking because you have a lot of experience. Also, i would like to ask if in any case i could get a puppy from the states as i want it? Do you know if this is possible? Any contact from a breeder that you trust so i can ask some questions like the cost and when i can get one? Or if they know someone in Europe.

        thank you once again!

  5. thank you so much for the information!!! i will let you updated.. for sure i will get a puppy but i have to find a breeder first. Hopefully i will be able to train one for the next season but time pushes. If not for sure i will buy one next year. I do not want to rush. Once again thank you and keep up the nice videos! My mail is if i get a mail from your side i will send you some photos. have a great day!

  6. Hey Bob, great post, even after all these years. Did you ever have any success with replacing that LP tank cover? It’s hard to believe those things still fetch 200 bucks! You mentioned fabricating something and would love to hear about a successful job. Any luck?

  7. We have a 2001 Eurovan that had some cracks in the roof rack. I took it somewhere and they put some sloppy but strong caulking on the cracks. However, it turns out that he must have caulked over the drain holes as well. As a result, every time it rains, the rack retains water that winds up pouring down the windows. Its such a messy repair that I cannot tell where the actual drain holes are to see if they can be uncovered. Can you help me out here?

    • If you look at the photos carefully, you’ll see the drain hole locations. I hope you reported whoever “fixed” it to the BBB. I miss my EV; sold it in 2011. I have a lot more stuff on my Eurovan Blog: Good luck.

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